See Reactions Over Nengi's New Video


Just this evening, Nengi posted a video on a twitter handle with the caption " taking the piss". It was spotted that there is a guy in the video who according to her is chasing clout but she seems not to worry as she believes she is undoubtedly more than enough. Nengi is so damn pretty. See some clips from the video below:

The guy behind her is Gozie Tony Ume and goes on most trips with her. See his pictures below:

See some reactions from fans as they gushed over the video, some commented on the bright red lipstick she has on, and to be very honest, Nengi is beautiful.

The video is a very funny one especially when Nengi told the guy in the background that he is chasing clout by standing at her back and he replied that she's the blueprint and he's the background. Watch the video here: