Take A Look At Photos Of The Korowai People Living In Non Civilization.

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"Thank God For Technology", Take A Look At Photos Of The Korowai People Living In Non Civilization.

Technology has really done us more good that harm, because with the help of technology the standard of life have increased postively and technology also have made life easier and faster.

In this article i will be bringing to your notice photos of the Korowai People who are living in non civilization.

The Korowai also called the Kolufo, are the people who live in southeastern West Papua in the Indonesian province of Papua , close to the border with Papua New Guinea. They number about 3,000.

According to report from The Daily Telegraph, "Until the late 1970s, when anthropologists embarked on a study of the tribe, the Korowai people were unaware of the existence of any peoples other than themselves".

This really tells that this Korowai people are really living in non civilization.

The pattern of house which the Korowai people live in are tree houses which are built very high above the ground but fastened to crowns of tall trees. It has been claimed that the majority of the Korowai clans live in tree houses on their isolated territory.

See photos of the Korowai people.

What do u have to say concerning this?

Is it that, technology has not really reached this Korowai People that is making them still live in non civilization?

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