VIDEO: Ladies Team Up & Beat A Man Mercilessly For Gossiping About Them

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There is a belief that women gossip more than men. It is not common to come by some group of men chatting and talking about someone's private life. But the guy in your picture has shocked many Ghanaians after he has been accused of gossiping about ladies.

Checking the video very well, about three ladies met the guy at the entrance to his house and one of them immediately holds his neck as the other was asking him questions. The third lady was the one recording the video. It appears the guy couldn't answer the question to their satisfaction so the one holding the neck slapped and dragged him over the place.

The second lady who asked the guy questions then joined the friend to start tearing the shirt of the guy and beating him up. The one with the phone was heard saying in the Twi language, "Beat him up, how can a man become a gossiper like this". The two ladies were recorded beating this guy up mercilessly.

At some point in time, the guy wanted to run away but these ladies were holding him as the beatings were going on. He was lucky that some inhabitants in the vicinity came to separate the fight.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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