Legendary Professor Jay Talks About Alikiba And Diamond Platinumz

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Both Diamond Platinumz and King Kiba are top musicians from Tanzania despite their differences. This is evident from the way they indirectly troll each other on social media leaving fans doing the same. Also, for many years now they have never put up a Collaboration song.

Now, legendary Professor Jay has broken silence concerning the two artists. He has claimed that the two are not that straightforward with their words. Whenever he asks Diamond what problems exist between Alikiba and him, he denies if there is any. On the other hand, Alikiba says he is good to go and no differences exist between them.

This has therefore made it difficult for him to reconcile the two musicians. However, he has made an appeal to them to stay friends with each other. His reason is that both of them are great artists who can take music to the next level if they join hands.

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