3-Secretes Behind Good Performance In Mathematics & Physics As Candidates Approaches Final Exams

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Are you a parent who has been wishing your child to improve his/her performance in Mathematics and Physics? Or a student a student who has challenges in performing well in the two subjects? Nothing to worry about. Mathematics and physics are just as easy as other subjects like History, Languages, Agriculture, Geaograph just to list but a few.

If there is a subject that is normally under performed not only in High schools but also in primary is Mathematics. Recalling what my Maths teacher used to tell me about Maths, he could crack a joke and say that maths 'ni mchezo wa nambari' meaning Maths only requires a learber to know more about figures and numbers.

But before we arrive at how you can improve in the performance of both Mathematics and Physics, it is so much good to the importance of the subjects and develop a knowledge from it. This article will take you through the advantages of knowing and understanding Mathematics and Physics.

Career Choosing.

Mathematics is a career oriented subjected just as Physics is. For one to work in Banks, as managers, one needs the knowledge from Mathematics. All engineers and Scientists, medicine doctors, requires the knowledge from both Mathematics and Physics.

So for any student who wish to be a bank manager or engineer, or that parent who wish his/her child to pursue a cause related with Maths and Physics, ensure that the performance is good.

Allow me now take you through few steps or secretes behind improving your performance in the mentioned subjects.

1. Atitude.

Just like in other areas of life, for a person to succeed one MUST have a positive atitude in doing anything. Mathematics is not hard as it is always perceived by learners and even non-learners, what a student need is just having a positive atutude in doing it.

2. Never underate yourself or your child.

Sometimes one can kill him/herself through underatings that 'I' cannot do it. Have trust and keep on trying until you get what you want. Mathematics and Physics are subjects that are known for their much calculations and they can only be mastered with frequent practices.

3. Prepare your onw sammury.

Let me prove wrong those learners who believe that a sammury can only be made for subjects like History, Religion and many others that are wordy, let me tell you that even Mathematics needs a summary of its own. Have a small book, write down all formulas that are needed and take time to go through them so as to store it in the long term memory.

Thanks so much for going through this article and I believe it was fruitful, kindly share, like and comment.

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