Finally Death Has Forgotten About Me, 176 Year Old Man Cries Out, South Africa

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Death is the only depth that every man will pay, it is a price that awaits both tap and hurt, rich and poor, politicians and every average citizen of South Africa and beyond the whole Universe. And there is one thing that stands uninterrupted, which is the fact that Death can never be bribed or begged to have Mercy. So once is time for you to go and meet your maker, just be rest assured that you're going and there is no Jupiter that will spade you expect it GOD decides to show you Mercy.

Mind you again that according to the teachings of the Holy book called Bible, there is no man created by GOD that will say he is an immortal being. Every living thing is mortal, that has fresh and blood, except for the plants and trees. But it is our everyday prayer that GOD will bless us with long life and prosperity, Amen. 

Remember a disheartening story which went viral on Wikipedia, of an old man who was alleged to be 176 years old from India. As it gathered that the old man, has cried out that death doesn't want to take him again. Where he beckoned that he wants to join his Ancestors.

According to the information gathered by the source, some Indian officials stated that the name of the 176 year old, goes by the name Mahashta Murasi, who was once a good cobbler from northern India. And was born on January 6th 1835 in an Indian City called Bangalore. During the time that this story was told, Murasi, was living on Varanasi since the year 1903. Adding that he worked as a cobbler in the city of Bangalore, but retired at the age 122 because he was getting weak, in the Year 1957.

According to the report provided by the source, WorldNews Daily, who was able to get the reliable Story from some Indian officials, who were able to provide the statement regarding to what Mahashta Murasi said. Which is as shown below:

"To be honest with you all, I have lived and celebrated a lot Birthday of mine. I have witnessed the given birth of many of my generations, grand children and many more other of my relatives, and I have lost counts. I lived to the extent that I have buried all my children, but am still alive"

"Finally death has forgotten about me. And the earlier I start visualizing myself as an immortal, the better for me. I have live and witnessed the long life of many people, but I have never heard that anyone lived up to 160 years, let alone living up to my age 176. I just want to remind death that am still alive, so he should not forget me", Mahashta Murasi said.

On a recall Note, it was gathered by WorldNews Daily that such similar Story has been tagged to be fiction, as it was narrated in February 2014. Adding that many internet users believed the story of the 176 year old man to be fictional story. Whereas some. People believed the story to be real and genuine.

Judging from the things that has been happening here in Earth, it is a clear fact that no man can live to the end of time. No one can tell the exact time or date that he/her will meet his maker in peace. So be humble and know that this world is vanity upon vanity.

What is your thoughts on this. Would you like to live very long Mahashta Murasi, or would you just want to live long but not to to his age (176 years old)?

Kindly share let us celebrate this gift of life

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