My girlfriend sent me this, I still do not understand why she showed me her charger and nails

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My girlfriend sent me this, I still do not understand why she's showing me her charger and nails


We are now living in a world where woman are scared or afraid to say what they want from their partner. When a woman find the love of their life and make sure that they have to secure the seat while there are those who secure the bags. Married is a big step that people has take. When we see them getting married each and every week Saturday we wish them nothing but the best of their relationship because we know they entering into a new Era...I mean new life.

One of social media influencer took it to social media where he come with questing to his fans. The man found a big suprise from his girlfriend who did not specified what she want but to the viewers we saw it otherwise. With caption: "My girlfriend sent me this, I still don't understand why she's showing me her charger and nails".

People are getting married this days. It's not like those time that people cannot afford because they don't have money. Come who plan to get married seat down and draw their budgets. They guy's girl wrote some like she want to bring the book everywhere showing herself nails and on the other she said she also need to get her nails. It clear that lady has been with him and more she is tired now she want to see a ring on her finger.

Woman blindsided her boyfriend with her long nails and charger knowing that what she want is a ring to be seen in her finger. I mean who doesn't want married, everyone want ring in their finger but not every man is scared of commitment. People should not get married because they saw their friend getting married and they also want to get married. 

What do you think she mean...pets help the brother out so he can suprise her.

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