"Her Heart is now failing and Mine is breaking"-Larry says as he Reveals this about his Family


Kenyan Journalist and CNN correspond in Africa Larry Madowo has left Netizens in surprise after revealing the agony his family is going through from the covid-19 pandemic online.

Penning his thoughts in an emotional post on his Twitter page on Wednesday, Madowo said that a vaccine on time could have protected his family from the pain of the corona virus as his grand mother was suffering the pain of the deadly virus while his uncle succumbed to the virus after failing to get the Covid vaccine in Kenya.

Details which have illicited mixed reactions from Netizens.

Below are comments from Netizens on his post.

"Leaders in africa impoverish their subjects and unable to create Condition where people can be innovative thats why to date we depend on west on almost. " a comment read.

"The moment you stop with covid nonsense, alot of people will be happy and carry out their activities without the fear of the foreign viruses." A comment read.

“As a continent, we must stop believing that there's anybody out there who's a Biblical Good Samaritan who's just about to come help us," -Kenya's health minister Mutahi Kagwe." A comment read.

"Everyday i see how people in the west are being ‘begged’ to get vaccinated, the anti-vaxxers etc., While I’m here in the 254 just hoping to get a vaccine. Considering I’m a youth, will i ever get the vaccine?🙁🙁 We need equity in the vaccine distribution." A comment read.

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