Prof. Makau Mutua Makes Speculations On The Outcome Of BBI Appeal Case, Sends This Message To Kenyans


Senior Council, James Orengo and Otiende Amollo are believed to be two great legal minds who are out to bring back BBI reggae in a big way. Orengo who has always been regared as the "Walking Constitution" showed how smart he is. He was leading the Handshake team in bid to overturn the High Court ruling. However, the big question is who will take the victory home?

The historical appeal case has attracted many parties and raised debates among legal minds. President of the Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi attacked Orengo and claimed that, if one has never seen or felt a volley out of James Orengo’s vintage musket then he must be aware that the calvary has no more ammunition left and their fighting spirit is dead. He said that they are only there for the armistice prize.

However, professor Makau Mutua has recently, made speculations on the BBI outcome. In his remarks he said, "WHENEVER two lawyers contest a disputable question, there are at least two sides of the legal coin. BUT only the judge, or the jury (court) has the FINAL word. Get your popcorn."


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