Kakamega Shamba Boy Possesed After a Woman Turns Into a Goat, Disappeares Into Thin Air

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A Shamba boy working in Soi, Kakamega county has reportedly been possessed after he met a woman whom he took to bed only for her to turn into a goat before disappearing into thin air.

The Shamba man, Joel Namasika says that he met a woman along the way and asked her whether she could his girlfriend and she agreed. It is then that he took her to a room in his boss's compound where Joel says that she turned into a big goat with big horns forcing him to run for his dear life.

His father Peter Wawire says that Joel was brought by a bodaboda rider in his home and that he has changed his conduct behavior. " I was shocked when I saw my boy brought by a bodaboda rider all the way from Kakamega. A few minutes the boy changed and started behaving like a possessed person."

"He started burning his clothes, beating people and removes his trousers whenever he sees a woman and eats uncontrollably. We have been forced to lock him up inside a house." His father told K24 TV.

The woman has already disappeared and the residents are now said to be shocked after the incident. His family is currently seeking spirit and prayers intervention to help their boy go back to his normal behavior.

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