Very Sad: Nature Of Water Bodies Polluted By Galamsay Operators - Read Full Details


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In this article am going to talk about how the love of the citizens have turned against them thinking it would brought something nice and lovely to them. Am going to show you how our water bodies are being polluted by galamsay operators in the various communities and villages.

Infact it's really sad and heartbreaking if you see how water bodies which communities mainly depends on for survival are polluted by those who are operating in the minning sector. The streams which supplies drinking water to almost 5 villages are now dirty.

It shows that they just lied to Ghanaians that they will fight against galamsay but till now there is nothing done about it. Most Ghanaians showed them love and selected them just to come and solve this problem for them but the issue keep raising everyday.

They are not able to provide or supply pipe for the villages and communities but for them to protect their water bodies or streams for them too is a problem. Things are not really fine with this country because the well-being of the people doesn't concern them anymore and all what they want is to stretched their hands into the coffers and full their pocket thats all.

Take a look at how some streams are polluted