'Am Not Boarding' Materialistic Woman Storms Out Of Her Wedding After Groom's Job Was Revealed

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On Wednesday, family members, friends and residents who had attended the wedding of a man called Alfred Musa were shocked after the bridegroom stormed out of the wedding.

Sources indicate that Jackeline Wanjiru, the bridegroom, stormed out of the wedding after realizing that the man she was about to marry was not working in a bank but was a taxi driver.

Alfred, the bride, had lied to Jackeline that he was a bank employee at the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

The two had been dating for four years and today was the day they had to make their union official.

Things had gone well until when Alfred's job was revealed.

The revelation of his real job freeze Jackline who couldn't imagine she had been fooled all that time.

Her expectations of marrying a bank employee had been shattered in minutes, leaving her with thousands of unanswered questions.

Unable to withstand the heat she was experiencing at the moment, she decided to take off at a lightning pace.

Those who had attended the wedding at the AIC Mbeeni Church didn't know why she stormed out of the church.

Her groom's friends had to follow her and ask why she run out of her wedding.

It was then that she revealed that Alfred had lied about his job.

She noted that all this time she knew Alfred as a KCB Malindi branch employee and not a taxi driver.

Efforts by the groom's friends, and family to return her to the church for the wedding to continue failed.

The wedding was canceled and the groom had to go back home without a wife.

Many asked whether Jackline really loved Alfred or she was just after his money since working in a bank pays well.

On the other side, some accused Alfred of faking his life, lying about his job to please Jackline.

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