Heartbreaking: Sugar Daddy Cried Like A Baby As A Result Of Broken Heart - Video

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Most people normally have a thought that Broken heart is for the youth but have forgotten that the moment any human being fall in love can also experience the word call broken heart. Now the rate of which broken heart is trending on the Internet is very sad.

According to video an old man was spotted crying like a baby which is very sad to see a grown man crying as such. According to the man a lady identified as Akua Afiyie has cheated on him as he spotted her with in another man, as they both move from a top building to the mans car. He continued by saying he will never do any thing bad to his girlfriend Akua Afriyie as he cries bitterly.

The way this elderly man was crying it seems he loves Akua Afriyie so much but did not understand why Akua has done this to him. This old man whose name is yet to be identified would be between 50-70 looking at her face and with his white gray hair.

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