Kenyans Left In Stiches As Embarambamba Is Spotted Running In NTV News Room During A Show (Video)


Embarambamba, a Kisii gospel artist has again hit the headlines following his drama at NTV. The middle aged man's sarcastic moves while performing always leaves his fans excited. While being hosted at NTV during the TREND show on Friday Night, Embarambamba was observed running all over in the News Room.

He posed a risk to the electronics inside the room after being spotted clinging on tables and other stuffs. In the recent past, the Kisii artist had wowed fans after he released a song asking God to help him meet President Kenyatta.

The lady running the show was left in stitches as Embarambamba continued with his moves. Those who watched the show stated that he was to be Keenly observed since he could cause damages on everything within the room. Others lauded him to continue expressing his talent.

However, some Kenyans are not happy with his character. They recalled an incidence when the artist ran into an old woman while performing at a function. Watch the video below.

Here are some comments from Kenyans.