Female Brazilian players such as Marta will be paid the same as the likes of Neymar and Firmino

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I know that some people won't be happy about this, Since the women's World Cup generates 131m in revenue, While the men’s 6 billion. There is nothing wrong with that, They're all citizens of the same country with equal rights, Besides, the risk of playing football doesn't vary based on gender.

Good luck to them, I suspect they come off the field just as knackered as the men. However, I don't think this would apply everywhere in the football world, as pay there is based on income generated. Women aren't paid less because they are lesser athletes, they're paid less because they generate less. If women's football became a worldwide phenomenon overnight, they would get the big bucks too.

But, I believe it should be based on outcome, He who bring in more money and revenue should be paid more, This will prove to be burdensome in the future, The whole concept of equality in all aspect will be the same reason it won’t work, However, I do feel that no player should receive money for international duty, it should just be an honour.

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