A housemaid drowns in a swimming pool but everyone chose to focus on this part.

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Even though housemaids are known for certain roles in the family, that does not mean they should be treated differently. It not wrong to try by all means possible to make your housemaid feel welcome and comfortable at home. This can be achieved by ensuring that they are involved in other family activities. Above all they also deserve respect as humans.

The people of mzansi where filled with a lot of laughter when they saw a video of housemaid who was having some break time with one of the homeowners. The video showed the homeowner and the housemaid trying to ride a kayak in a swimming people. The idea of doing that alone is funny but what got people laughing even more was when the kayak flipped over in the swimming pool such that the housemaid and the homeowner were drowning.

Another thing which caught people's attention was the relationship that the housemaid and the homeowner had. It looked so friendly despite the differences in their skin colour. Even though the video was funny, there were still risks of seriously drowning in the swimming pool especially for the housemaid. Luckily the homeowner was there to make sure that it does not happen.

People really love the video for the fact it teaches everyone to be friendly to their housemaids and treat them with respect. It also reminded us that it is not wrong to have some fun with your housemaid.

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