Players are always human: Kodie received a goodwill message of his life from the Phobians


The needed win was surely pending by the Accra Hearts of Oak team. The generosity they showed today got them the winner. The game did not leave up to expectations but was manageable by the team. The performance from the Continental club masters was outstanding but some decisions the referee took hurt the Elmina Sharks players making the game lose it's originality.

The player did what we normally see in the European countries as they pay respect to the injured ones off the field. The players knew that their central midfielder Kodie is admitted at South Africa for surgery and felt his absence in the team. The player customized their attire by writing the name of Kodie into recognition and remembrance. It was very pleasing indeed, if the player sees such a good work from his mates on the sick bed.

Football is growing so this are some of the things they need to do to get the team moving in the right direction. This will mean a lot to the player and others who are now recovering from injury. Some players get injured and their team will started depleting and decreasing in the momentum of the teams playing style.

This normally makes the team go for a second choice but might not help because none of the teams are ready to sell their butter for you to enrich your performance. But kudos to the Phobians for getting the most experience midfielder's in the league this season with the likes of Afutu, Nettey, Eshun, Michelle Sarpong, Manaf to replace each other. They are still holding on to their fate by winning matches upon matches to raise the team spirit and encourage the sick in bed a speedy recovery to ease their pain.