Watch| Bricks Mabrigado Singing In Prison Wearing His Orange Uniform


For some people who go to prison, they turn over a new leaf and they try to mend their ways. Others, however, they learn new tactics and become better criminals so they could terrorize the community once they get out. Most importantly, they learn how not to get caught the next time they commit crime.

The public has always had a problem with inmates and how they receive free stuff from the government like education and food. They want prisoners to suffer in correctional centres and not have any rights.

It seems things are going well for rapper and convicted criminal Sipho "Bricks" Ndlovu in prison. Bricks also known as Mabrigado was convicted to 15 years behind bars in 2017 after he was found guilty of misappropriate behaviour to his 16-year-old niece for a crime he committed in 2013.

In a video that is currently trending, Bricks is seens performing with other inmates in a boys choir at the correctional centre in Naturena. The boys are singing gospel, not rap or hip hop.

Not only that, they choir had masks on, and it seems the video is being recorded. His fans are hoping that he will releasing a song behind bars, but this might not even sound like Bricks as he is a lead singer of a boys choir that is singing gospel.

Watch the video here:

Whether this means the talented rapper is trying to be a better man whilst paying gor his crimes is not known. One thing is for sure though, he looks neat and his hair is still taken care of even behind bars.

One thing for sure though, Bricks still has fans who still wish him well and love him dearly.