Pastor Ben Parades His Expensive Dog Online

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Netizens have been left in awe after pastor Ben Gathungu, famously known as 'Kiengei' as a comedian an posted the photos of his lucrative dog on social media platforms.

"Originated from Germany according to FCI this breeds English name is German Shepherd Dog or the Alsatian Wolf Dog. German shepherds are working Dogs since they are strong, Intelligent, trainable, obedient and fast. It is the third most registered and owned Dog in the world His Name is Rex," pastor Ben posted on Facebook.

From his post, he showered praises on his German shepherd dog and at the same time revealed it's name. Netizens reacted in various ways in regard to the dog where they envied his home and environment.

Pastor Ben have been one of the currently trending comedians in the country since he entertains Kenyans in one of the local radio stations. At the same time, he hosts a comedy show that have been aired in one of the local TV stations.

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