Parents To Expect Their School Going Children As From This Date In July


According to the new school calender which was generated by the education cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha and other education stakeholders, parents should expect their school going children in two weeks time from now.

Both Primary And Secondary schools are expected to end their term three in July and prepare to resume a fresh term one on 26th of the same month.

As per the new school calender, all schools in the country are expected to close on 17th July, 2021. This will mark the end of term three and learners will have to be promoted in their respective classes when they will be resuming term one on 26th July.

On the other hand, for primary schools they will expecting to receive grade four learners who will be promoted as grade five on the same date, 26th, July.

In Secondary schools, all form ones are expected to report in their respective schools as from 2nd of August as per the directives that were given by the ministry of Education cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha.