Mysterious Bag Left Under a Bridge Leaves Madaraka Express Stranded For an Hour at Miasenyi


The Madaraka Express was today morning stranded on a place called Miasenyi for over an hour. A mysterious bag which whose contents were not clear at the time, was left on the under a bridge that the train passes over and this caused the delay.

Madaraka Express. Picture courtesy.

Passengers were frustrated but it was all for the best as the incident was taken care of by the local administrators and the train resumed its journey. Elungata, who is the regional commissioner for the area, said that the train was stopped to establish what was in the bag first.

The bag dropped at a bridge near the area and due to increased terrorist activities around the coastal region, nothing could be taken to chance. Miasenyi is located in Taita Taveta County area where the bridge is. Passengers were left puzzled as officials inspected the bag but nothing dangerous was found inside.