"Let's put it on Bra Qwame" - Two lovers plan on pinning pregnancy on an innocent guy [Screenshots]


Some people will literally say , "Information is in this world". Day-in and day-out, we hear information that baffle the mind, they are simply unimaginable.

One of such baffling information that we came by today is a WhatsApp chat clad in malice between two lovers.

In the chat, these two lovers whose identities have not been disclosed hatched a plan on pinning a pregnancy on an innocent guy.

The lady who was perplexed for harbouring an unwanted pregnancy made it known to the guy she knew was responsible and he asked what they could do, whether to abort it or keep it.

The guy was of the view that he has no money to care for her and the baby at the time however, the lady made it clear to him that she wanted to keep it. So the guy came up with an evil plan to put the pregnancy on one Bra Qwame who was definitely innocent of what he was about to be burdened with.

It could be that the guy in question also "chopped" the lady which they thought could make their plan sail through.

The guy mentioned that when they succeed in pinning the pregnancy on Bra Qwame, the latter would take care of her till she is put to birth then he would come in for her and the baby.

"Let's give it a try if it will work", the lady heartlessly accented to this malice.

Below is the chat:

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