Check The Worth Of iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Nicki Minaj Shows Off On Instagram


Popular American singer, songwriter and rapper, Nicki Minaj who is popularly known for her possession of expensive and luxurious items has showed off one of the expensive things she has in her possession. Besides, one might think that the item she showed off will be less expensive but by the time one checks the worth, one would understand that Nicki Minaj likes luxurious and expensive things.

In a video Nicki Minaj posted on her official Instagram page, she showed off her iPhone 12 Pro Max with a pink case that has chain. Apart from the iPhone which is expensive, it will interest you that the case of the iPhone is also expensive.

Nicki Minaj showed off her "lambskin pink classic classic case for iPhone 12 Pro Max" which costs about 2,240 in Australian Dollar.

When I checked the worth of 2,240 AUD in Nigerian currency, I realized that the price of the case is around N719, 354.81. One could see that the price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max case is also expensive.

What are your thoughts concerning the price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max case?