He Refused To Leave An Abusive Marriage And His Wife Did This To Him

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It's never easy to end a marriage. According to Kerotse Mosebetsi, he begged his friend to leave an abusive marriage but he refused. He was stabbed to death by his wife earlier this week and died instantly. In spite of the fact that he claims his wife despises him, he still was clinging to the hope that the two of them could reconcile.

"My best friend remained in an abusive relationship and refused to leave it. I received a phone call last night to say that he had been found in the road with a deep cut and a smashed face. His wife was responsible for it. The abuse made her hate him even more. He cried constantly." He stated.

"The situation is bleak. It's even worse because you were the one trying to talk him out of it. And although you tried, you fulfilled your responsibilities, and he made his decision regardless of your efforts. My brother, I pray that you will find solace in God." @Moremogolo said this.

"Sadly , this is yet another case of a man dying at the hands of a woman. This is heartbreaking. There is no way this will go viral as he was brutally murdered by a woman." @Lakhi said this.

SOURCE: https://twitter.com/kmosebetsi/status/1527865641637711873?t=nlzSNsX63vX4rT6PiiGjpg&s=19

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