Family Mourning After Covid Killed Mother And Daughter Leaving Father And Son In Critical Condition


The covid 19 pandemic has continued to ravage African countries despite the arrival of the covid jab. In Kenya, a family is mourning after the deadly virus claimed two family members leaving two in critical condition.

Sources have disclosed that the victims a doctor Patricia Njuki and her mother succumbed to the deadly virus in quick succession. Mrs Njuki was a former school head for the prestigious Loreto convent valley road.

Her daughter was a student at the same institution. Sources have revealed that Patricia contracted the virus from a colleague. Her job entails making numerous journeys and by the time she was confirmed to have contracted the virus, damage was already done.

She had already passed it to her father, mother and her own son. Currently, her father is fighting for her life in ICU while her son is under a life support facility at the Karen hospital.

The deceased, mother and daughter will be laid to rest on Wednesday in Embu County. Kenyans are urged to adhere to the laid down regulations including social distancing and covering ones mouth and face while in public.