Why Some People Have Cheek Dimples And How You Can Medically Get It

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Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/dimpleplasty

Some people's dimples might be alluring to you. It is possible to find dimples on various parts of the body. On one or both sides of the mouth, a person may have cheek dimples. Cheek dimples can be caused by a change in the zygomaticus major facial muscle.

When you smile, this muscle raises your mouth's corners. Assuming you don't have dimples, the zygomaticus major muscle begins at the zygomatic bone in your cheek and travels down to the corner of your mouth.

A dimple may cause the zygomaticus major muscle to split into two separate muscles as it descends to the mouth. One of the muscles attaches to the skin above the corner of the mouth, while the other attaches to the skin below the corner of the mouth.

Double zygomaticus major muscle is the name given to the muscle when it divides. A smile causes dimples in the skin on your cheek because of the movement of your skin over your double zygomaticus major muscle

How to get dimples in your cheeks:

In order to get dimples on your cheeks, you can undergo dimpleplasty, a type of plastic surgery. Dimpleplasty can be performed by a surgeon or a dermatologist. Be aware of the possible side effects when undergoing this procedure. The following is on the list:

1. Bleeding is the most common symptom.

2. Damage to the facial nerves.

3. Facial infection.

4. You may be left with a permanent scar.

Do you believe that having dimple makes one's face look more beautiful of handsome. Do you also encourage someone to get it medically?

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