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Often we hear about woman being abused, whether emotionally, physically, or otherwise, but we rarely hear about men being abused. Men can also be victims of abuse, and now there a various safe channels to report their abuse to, in order for them to gain support and find ways for them to escape their domestic abuse. Because men rarely advertise that they are being abused, friends, family, and various people around them have to be able to spot the various signs of abuse using the warning signs listed below in this article.

Signs that a man is a victim of domestic abuse, is that they change their behaviour in a very ubrupt and drastic manner, like changing the way they used to dress, changing the way they communicate to people, changing of their personality, and other various factors.

Men who are being abused physically may show signs of:


- They rarely show up to outings and miss work, without any form of explanation.

- Always have injuries explained as accidents.

- Change in clothing that always hide their body.

Men who are being abused psychologically may show signs of:


- Agree with everything that their girlfriend/wife is saying.

- Always scared that they are not pleasing their girlfriend/wife.

- Is being isolated from seeing their children.

- Always tell their girlfriend/wife what they are doing.

- Is always being insulted by their girlfriend/wife.

- False allegations filed against them.

- Always being called and harassed over the phone by their girlfriend/wife.

- Used to be confident, but now suffers from very low self esteem.

- Frequently told that he will never see his children if he ever leaves.

- Shows a drastic change in behaviour.

- Scared, suicidal, or depressed.

- Do not care about their body image.

- Look unhealthy.

- Starts to excessively drink, or take drugs.

Men who are being isolated by their girlfriend/wife, may show signs of:


- Never have enough money, even though they work in a well paying job.

- Never see their friends or family.

- Is no longer seen on various social media platforms.

- Do not go to work everyday.

- You may also be told b the girlfriend/wife, that he no longer likes his friends or family.

If you recognise one, or more of these signs on somebody you know, please... speak up. Ask if he needs to talk, show your concern, listen to them, and sometimes even offer help to them.


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