One Of The Worst Things Bartomeu Did That Has Left Barcelona In Debts


The financial state of football club Barcelona is very poor. The Spanish football club owes a total of €1billion debt.

And because of the that, the club cannot register any players. So this means, if Barcelona are not able to pay their debt, the three players they signed recently can't be registered as Barcelona players. The worst thing that the president of the club has done is to pay overpay the players.

One of the worst things that Bartomeu did was to offer salaries beyond market value. In simple words, we are overpaying our players as compared to other wealthy clubs. Every player we signed during Bartomeu era is being overpayed. Forget performances, these wages are not sustainable even if these players perform well.

Samuel Umtiti earns around £11m per year. Ruben Dias and Aymeric Laporte combined earn around £12m per year. Martin Braithwate earns £5.4m per year whereas Mahrez earns around £6.24m per year.

Reports in Spain suggest that President's of other La Liga clubs are willing to contribute to a contract that will see Lionel Messi stay at Barcelona and in La Liga. Strange to read but Messi alone brings money to the whole league with TV rights deals, etc.


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