Some Simple And Super Helpful Belt Tips

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Belts are accessories that are usually either trivialised, or remembered once in a while- if you don't use them often, that is. If you use them more often, then here are some tricks and tips to help you better enjoy using them.

1. The only time you are not supposed to wear a brown belt with a suit is when you have on a black suit. Otherwise, it just looks gaudy.

2. For formal wears, stick to tiny belts because they are the perfect fit. Big belts and formal outfits don't mix.

3. Belts with bug buckles should only be worn with casual outfits. Never wear them with suits.

4. The more simple the buckle design, and the smaller it is, then the more corporate or formal the belt is. Let's face it, the simple squares look way better than big belt buckles, or buckles with unusual designs on them.

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