Live: Massive Fire Guts Storey Building At Accra Just Closer To Fire Service Station.


Traders in Accra Central Market, which is near to Rawlings Park, have been left in sadness this morning after a three-story structure was gutted by a big fire. The fire started small, but due of the highly combustible goods in the building, such as body sprays, it swiftly spread to nearby buildings at the pace of thunder. Those who were impacted attempted to put out the fire with available fire extinguishers at first. Onlookers were unable to remain silent as they threw pure water into the building in an attempt to put it out, but it never worked.

The saddest aspect of the story is that the nearest fire station is only a few meters away, but they could never arrive in time to put out the fire. People began hooting at them as soon as they arrived, and when their vehicle was empty, they aggravated their situation and sparked even more outrage. Even with the hose's pressure, they were unable to reach the top of the building due to the delay in responding as the fire spread to adjacent establishments.

The backup arrived, and it was exactly what they had come to show. They couldn't put out the fire, which just grew worse over time. The building is still burning heavily at the time of writing, with no possibility of putting it out.

Fire hydrants were also blocked by hawkers when they they tried to connect their hose to it.

Watch video here