Looming Danger Ahead For 'President' as He is Sued Again


President Nelson Havi.

The political wrangles experienced across the country have been causing sleepless nights not only among political class but also among concerned Kenyans. Jubilee party and UDA party have decided to take each other own after Kiambaa by-elections. The hate and fear being spread ahead of 2022 by UDA affliates is not healthy for the country and handshake.

This political chaos have extended there arms and dragged in Judiciary and now LSK is in the total mix up of all this. The BBI report appeal took place in court of appeal anti BBI LSK president Nelson Havi found himself in deep trouble after making his submission. He was arrested over assault on LSK CEO Mercy Wambua.

The LSK president Nelson Havi was released and DPP Nordin Haji protested over his release raising more questions. President Nelson Havi is in total trouble again after CEO Mercy Wambua sued him for Court contempt over plans to replace her. This chaos keep on expanding and Nelson Havi is in deep trouble and may not finish his term well.

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