4 Strategies To Become A Successful Public Speaker


I never set out to become a public speaker. However, interacting with great speakers and attending public speaking speeches, transformed me. I changed my mindset and I began my journey as a public speaker. 

Few years ago, the opportunities began to knock on my door and I realized this was something that God was calling me to do, I’ve sought to be intentional and strategic in developing myself as a public speaker.

So today, I prepared something for you. I know most of you are so into public speaking but may be slackening back due to inadequate information about it. In this article, we are going to look at the four strategies to embrace in order to become a successful public speaker. 

1. You Need To Define Your Market.

Before starting down the journey of becoming a public speaker, I think it’s important to define your market. 

Here, you should know what audiences you want to speak to and what they love hearing.

Take a long hard look at what audiences you want to reach. It could be multiple types of audiences, but from the get-go, don’t just say, “I’ll be happy to speak to anyone, anywhere.” Otherwise, you’re probably setting yourself up for frustration, exhaustion, or failure.

2. You Should Practise Your Presentations.

If there is one huge mistake that one can make when preparing for an event, it’s by not preparing enough. 

This is the very vital and important information, I’d rather stress out especially to those who are starting out as public speakers.

 In fact, I’d encourage you to practice them standing up exactly as you plan to deliver them, including using your slide presentation and any props, at least 3 full times before you ever deliver a talk on stage. 

If possible, you can ask a few family members or friends to watch these practices and give their feedback. Practice until you feel comfortable and ease. Make sure you capture the important things first.

3. Ensure You Offer Your Services.

Once you’ve defined who your ideal audience is and you’ve created and practiced some talks, it’s time to get out there and start speaking. However, this can be the hardest part for many people.

It doesn’t have to be really difficult to find audiences to speak to if you’re not too picky about who your audience is. There are many community centers, libraries, and even nursing homes that will allow you to come in and speak. All you have to do is call and offer!

If you become more comfortable with speaking, seek out other opportunities. Maybe offer to give a workshop at a local conference or church, offer to speak at schools or other community groups. You can be probably not paid but however,be grateful for any opportunity to practise your presentations.

4. You Should Refine Your Speaking.

After you’ve had 5-10 speaking opportunities, go back to the drawing board. Consider what’s working and what’s not.

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