Good news for covid social relieve beneficiaries as R350 grant reintroduced

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The social minister Lindiwe Zulu has confirmed that the reintroduction of the 350social relief grants for all the unemployed at the age between 18and 59 with an additional beneficiary which are the caregivers.

The emphasis is that the will be a press conference tomorrow the fourth of August 2021, and more details will be dished out during the conference with all the applications measures, processes, and procedures many South African citizens are waiting for these grants.

She also said the re-application will be resume shortly this month as the Treasury made the availability and realize the funds to pay the beneficiaries. Other matters to be engaged tomorrow if the long queues at the post office but the minister re-assure that they are busy dealing with this matter, and people must have patients and wait for the massages from the post office to avoid queues as we a still on the pandemic of covid 19 but the paying points like banks, E-wallet, and supermarkets till points will also be considered as well. All these measures will be to avoid what had happened before as beneficiaries were paying the amount of R50 for the space to get the money fast at the post office.

She further said the system has been tightened to avoid paying those who are employed or registered with other government institutions benefitting from it.

This is what the minister said this morning when interviewed by the Newzroom Africa on live national television.

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