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As many as 17234 fans will be watching this match of the 10th matchday between IF Elfsborg and IFK Norrkoping FK, which is taking place on Sunday the 29th May. The game will take place in the Nya Parken in Norrkoping.

Not much time has passed since the teams met the last time. On 31.10.2021 they faced each other in Norrkoping at the the Nya Parken. IF Elfsborg lost the last game against NKP, who scored three goals. IF Elfsborg's fans and their manager have huge expectations from the team, this time around. Goalwise, IF Elfsborg is the favorite, since they scored 5 in total over the last three games, with IFK Norrkoping FK only scoring 4.

Forecasts predict winds in Norrkoping on date to only reach 2kmph, so they shouldn't interfere with the game. Temperatures on the matchday will probably not rise high, reaching a daily maximum of 17°C, so the players shouldn't be exhausted too soon. Also, it won't be a wet day, chances for rain aren't very high–around 23 percent.

Currently leading IFK Norrkoping FK by three positions, Elfsbergwill have to prove that they're worthy of the lead; which could be a hard task, since IFK Norrkoping FK is only three positions away on the 10th position.


Draw (1:1)

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