NHIF Releases Good News To Newly Married Couples Revealing How To Update Spouse Details


Health insurance is very important in every persons lifetime. This is because you never know what might happen to your body health the next minute. As a result, it's always better to ensure that you are on an health insurance cover to avoid struggles when one falls sick.

Now, there are newly married couples who have been wondering how they can update spouse details on the NHIF cover. NHIF has just revealed how one can easily update spouse details in the system by following these simple steps;

1. First, you need a copy of the principal's Identification Card.

2. A copy of the new spouse's Identification Card.

3. You need an affidavit signed by a lawyer, an advocate or the commissioner of oaths. 

After acquiring all these items, you can always visit the NHIF office. Here, you will be first given a certain form which you will enter some details. The photocopies of the above mentioned documents will be taken and your spouse will be put in the system. 

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