My Parent's Turned Against My Wife For Not Having Children Not Knowing I Was The Cause Of All This.

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In a heartbreaking account, a pastor by the name of Francis Gacheru describes how his wife's parents and siblings turned against him for not having children, not realizing that he was the one with a problem.

It is his contention that after seven years of marriage, his wife has been unsuccessful in conceiving a child, and that his family has turned against her, accusing her of being impotent.

In one particular instance, Francis claims that his wife noticed that his shirt around his breast was moist as they were returning home from church, and after investigating, they discovered that milk was oozing from his breast.

After being admitted to the hospital, the physicians determined that he had galactorrhea, which is a condition in which one or both breasts produce milk unexpectedly.

Francis alleges that the sickness has also rendered him impotent, and that unless he receives treatment, he would be unable to conceive children of his own. When his family learnt of this, they expressed their sorrow to him and his wife and asked for their forgiveness.

He believes that the only answer is to have surgery, which is expected to cost 3 million dollars, but he has not been able to afford it owing to a lack of financial resources. He also claims that he is constantly in pain since he has to pump milk from his breasts every day, all night long.

Francis is now begging with well-wishers to assist him with whatever tiny resources they may have so that he can travel to India for surgery.


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