First Saturday In April, Say This Prayer So That You Will Be Blessed Financially


We all work during the week from Monday to Friday. It is necessary to pick a day for rest from all stress and working activities.

Weekends are always the best choice for the purpose. They serve the purpose better than any days.

Today is Saturday and it marks the first weekend in the month of April. It is necessary to make use of today as your resting day. You can decide to visit family members, attend parties, go shopping, go swimming, cooking, baking, surfing and so many other things. You can decide to also go on a date, you can watch a Movie and so many other things are available for you today. All of these is necessary to relieve you of the stress accumulated from Monday to Friday.

   The only obstacle that can limit your Enjoyment in this weekend is money. Without money, you won't be able to go anywhere. You won't be able to buy anything and this can affect you in a bad way. So, why don't you pray to the Almighty to bless you so that you can see Money to enjoy yourself this weekend.

Lend me few minutes of your time to say this Prayer to the Lord.


Heavenly Father, Thank you for making me see the first weekend in the Month of March.

Lord, let this weekend be a successful one.

Father, let me see Money to enjoy myself in this weekend.

Oh Lord, this weekend shall be full of enjoyment.

Father, I shall not be kidnapped this weekend.

Lord, this weekend shall be a blessed one.

Father, all my debtors shall pay me this weekend.

Lord, my business shall record high profits in this weekend.

Heavenly father, let me receive favour in your sight in this weekend.

Lord, money shall be abundant in this weekend.

Almighty Father, bless me financially in this weekend.

Lord, I shall record high number of credit alert in this weekend.

Father, my credit alerts shall be more than my debit alerts in this weekend.

Father, if I am yet to be paid my salary, let me receive my salary this weekend.

Lord, in this weekend, I shall not cry.

Father, joy and happiness shall be my portion in this weekend.

 Almighty Father, Thank You for answering my Prayers. 

 For In Jesus Name I Pray.

Don't forget to say "Amen"


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