Nkolika Stuns In Her Latest Christmas Outfit Asking People To Make A Wish From Santa (Photos)

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Recheal Okonkwo popularly known as Nkolika Nwa Nsukka Flaunts Her Latest Outfit and asked people to make a wish assuming she was to be a Santa.

The long awaited Christmas is here with us. Despite the fact that this year was filled with many catastrophes. One can easily say that it's a cursed year. Most persons would tell you that there was nothing good that happened this year.

According to several persons, this year's calendar goes thus; January, February, March, covid-19, end sars and December.

Nevertheless, the Christmas is still Worth celebrating atleast for the fact that we are still alive in the land of the living. Many hoped to see this day but couldn't.

Today being the Christmas day, we shall be seeing more than three thousand different photos of people as they try to show off their latest outfit.

The day isn't bright yet but the photos are beginning to troop into social media most especially for those who went for night service.

A while ago one of our very best actress by name Recheal Okonkwo popularly known as Nkolika Nwa Nsukka took to social media to show off her latest Christmas outfit asking people to make a wish if she was to be a Santa. People made funny demands even a bone straight hair.

As we celebrate today, let's remember the needy and I pray that the favour of God would never depart from our families. Amen.

What's your opinion concerning this year's Christmas?

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