MC Oluomo celebrates daughter who is a nurse in USA on her birthday


Many people choose to celebrate their birthdays because it is a very unique day, it can be called a personal 'public holiday', a day that signifies growth, a day of joy, a day the celebrant is treated specially by family, friends and fans.

There is nothing as sweet as our family member showing us love on our birthday because they are very close to our heart, that is why many people can be offended when they are not celebrated by their loved ones. MC Oluomo's daughter, Nofisat is a year older and he celebrated her specially on her birthday.

He said he wishes that she doesn't grow up too fast but unfortunately, that is something he cannot control. Another wish of Oluomo is that Nofisat grows to be a good woman like her mum and he believes that she is the change that the world needs. 

Nofisat is a registered nurse in the State of Georgia, she made the announcement in February and she was very excited about her new journey. MC Oluomo said that he is very sure that her dreams will take her places.

She responded to the post by saying that she also loves her dad. Salawa Abeni, Awele Odita and many others were there to wish her a happy birthday.