I Would Love To Record A Song With Auntie Paulina - Taadi Aketeesia Told Cookie Tee.

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Wihelmina Essien who is also known as Taadi Aketeesia was one of the 13th edition of this year's TV3's Talented Kids which was happily wrapped up yesterday.

Taadi Aketeesia is eight years of age and very talented so far as music is concerned as she placed 1st runner up in this year's TV3's Talented kids - the 13th edition.

Today on TV3 New day which was hosted by Cookie Tee Taadi Aketeesia happily declared on the show that she would love to record a song with Auntie Paulina - one of the judges of talented kids who is also a renowned musician in Ghana.

Taadi Aketeesia went on to say again that she really admire Auntie Paulina before she even joined this year's talented kids because she has been listening to her songs despite her young age.

The truth of the matter is that Taadi Aketeesia is really very talented and must be given the necessary support to help bring her dreams of recording a song with Auntie Paulina come to pass.

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