These 10 Photos Will Show You How Much Simi Has Changed Since She Had Adejare


Simi is one of the highly respected and highly talented actresses in the movie industry currently. She is good at singing and it has made her one of the top fan favourite and one of the top female stars in the music industry. She is one of the few Nigerian celebrities that joined the line of Motherhood.

She became mother in 2020 after being married to her celebrity husband, Adekunle Gold, who happens to be a famous Nigerian singer as well. He is also very popular and famous in Nigeria. They had little Adejare around May/June 2020.

After the birth of Adejare, Simi has continue to change. According to her, she is regaining back her size after child birth and it seems like it is actually working. She has started regaining back her size rapidly. Here are some of her photos with Adejare.

As you can see from the photos, Adejare herself is not left out, she has immensely added a lot of size and grown really fast. But my sole purpose in this article is to show you some lovely photos of Simi that show how much she has changed since had her daughter.