"Bibi Yake Ndio Analewa Ata Kumshinda", Neighbor Who Sent Omosh's Video Alleges


A video of actor Omosh drunk is the latest development in the story of Omosh coming to ask for help yet again from Kenyans. The video was shared by Edgar Obare on his Instagram page.

Omosh has been on headlines since Friday after he appeared on an interview by TV 47. Apparently he claimed that the money he was given to by Kenyans in the first round wasn't enough and that he needed more. He had also said that most of the people who promised him money had not yet delivered or honoured their promise.

A claim that Comedian Jalango quickly bashed urging him to be grateful to Kenyans who had decided to help him.Jalango said he got over one million shillings from his show, Jalango Tv.

The video trending today was shared by someone who claims to come from the same area as where Omosh lives.The person said that immediately Omosh received the money he started drinking and would even be picked drunk wearing a suit.The person reported that the incident took place about a month ago but only released it now that Omosh is back asking for help.

The link to the video on Instagram is as below.


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