We Thought They Couldn't Make It But They Proved Us Wrong.


Life was a little much different for our great-grandparents because of so many factors. Some of them are less population, reliable rainfall pattern (farming), the absence of global warming and abundant of more foodstuffs. During those days, products obtained from the environment were free from contamination and poison. But what is happening to those that were born in the 21st century? 

Things are completely unique now as compared to how our great-grandparents lived their lives. The competition and societal pressure is too high to where, individuals are passing through shortcuts to get to the land of success. Some are killing their fellow human beings for money, some are also into armed robbery, prostitution and kidnapping. 

Meanwhile, there is a group of individuals society thought they could never make it because of their stature, but they proved us wrong. Below are some of them.

Adwoa Smart

The veteran actor commenced acting as a diva in the famous Osofo Dadzie's Kantata TV series. She has being able to maintain her position as one of the funniest Ghanaian comediennes since she appeared as an actress. Although she may not be a full-time comedienne, Adwoa Smart has being able to make both ends meet without passing through the shortcut to the land of success.


He is one of the veteran actors who basically started the acting profession with Agya Koo and the late Katawire. Wayoosi is a well-to-do young man who is valued as a successful person in the Ghanaian society.

Yaw Dabo

Coming from Kumawood, Yaw has being able to be prosperous in life as a comedian or a comic actor. He has played many roles in shows including Efiewura, Boys Abre and many local films. Despite his stature, he did not allow that to discourage him from being wealthy.

Don Little. 

We can only achieve success through consistency. A lazy man can never be successful in life, even the Bible confirms it. Don Little despite his stature is climbing the ladder of progress because he has never given up on himself. He has been spotted in many series together with Yaw Dabo.

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