RIP: A Man From Venda Did This To Her

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In South Africa, it has become more common for women to be found killed by mostly those they trusted the most. All sorts of bad things are being done to women every single day, and some of these cases are never resolved. Women are reported to be missing every single day, some ar reported to be s3xually assaulted, with the worst things you could have ever imagined happening to them. 

A social media user took to Facebook to appeal to the public to help them find a guy who has ran away. She appealed to Venda people from Ha-Mashu Thenga, to assist in locating a guy named Awelani Mudau. She further stated that he killed a lady in Gauteng.

He was renting a back room, and he killed a lady called Ahuna, who is also on the pictures shared. It is said that he killed the lady, and left for Venda. He then sent a message to the landlord, saying they should check his room, and they will find the body of the lady inside. On the comments, it is said that a case has been opened, but the guy is on the run.


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