Don't Just Approach Her: Two Major Things You Should Consider Before Approaching A Girl


Have you ever seen a beautiful girl, one that makes you stay open mouthed, elegant, busty at the right point, on those vertiginous heels, you would like to meet her, instinct says you should go there, talk to her and take her directly to bed, but the dream disappears when you realize that if you concretely think about going there and talking to her your legs are shaking, you are afraid at the very thought, not to mention that you would not know what to say to her.

I bet it has happened to you many times. In this article I will reveal to you my personal guidelines on how to approach a girl , only what really works. Also I will warn you about what are the mistakes and wrong advice that you can find on books, manuals and seduction sites. There is only one major obstacle that prevents you from getting to know a girl. It's you or rather it's your fear.

Fear of the refusal, of not being accepted, of a negative reaction on the part of the girl, of what those who see you can think that you go to talk to an unknown girl. This whole series of fears, in jargon, are called approach anxiety and it derives mainly from our education. Or have you never thought that those who start bothering people they don't know on the street "don't have all their wheels in place"?

Well, these are all misconceptions that a seducer must wipe out of his or her head. If you want to become a seducer you have to stop being influenced by what people think and start acting on what you want. Experience is certainly the most effective weapon in the long term. We are all afraid of the things we do not know, of the unknown. The first time you drove the car you were certainly a little scared. Likewise, if you've never done this, it's normal to get a little anxious when you go to meet an unknown girl.

It is normal because you do not know what can happen after you have spoken to it, and when something is unknown, your mind replaces it with something fictitious, artifact. It makes you imagine the worst possible scenario, you imagine the girl kicking you out badly or the muscular boyfriend showing up and giving you a beating. Instead, when you have done the same action hundreds or thousands of times you know exactly what to expect and therefore you also know very well that there is nothing to be afraid of .

But the problem is that the experience only comes after you have approached over and over, while you don't approach because you are afraid. And if you are afraid and do not approach, you cannot accumulate experience. It is a vicious circle. This is why at the beginning it is useful to rationalize , that is to think about the realistic consequences of an approach in order to attenuate the fear just enough to make the first experiences.

1. Think about the worst outcomes that will happen if you approach her.

It is really very very difficult for any serious problem to occur, personally in many years of "career" nothing serious has ever happened to me. And it is also very rare for a girl to give you a bad answer if you are at least polite and dirty especially if you follow my advice on how to approach a girl. But even if you refuse, what do you care? There are millions of girls, at least you have experienced and next time you will do better. 

2. Now think about the opposite. The best things that can happen if you approach her.

Maybe you can pique her interest and see her again for a date and if you're good you end up with some good, healthy sex now put the two scenarios, the best one and the worst one, on the two scales. Which one do you prefer? If you want to be good at approaching, you have to jump over the hurdle sooner or later. Also, don't think that you are the only one who is afraid. Even the girls are not perfect, they have a lot of fears, they have a lot of problems, they see themselves as fat, clumsy, not very sexy in short, they are much more fragile than you, so why should you be afraid of such delicate creatures?


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