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Yesterday, we were informed by Eskom that load had been restarted due to multiple issues in their generators. Unfortunately it seems loadshedding is Something that we all have to live with. While it can be an inconvenience to our Lifestyle, if you plan properly for it, it doesn't have to be. Good planning starts with knowing when loadshedding will happen, so in this article I'm going to give you an accurate way to find out when loadshedding will occur in your area.

The method :

To do this you need a little bit of data and an Android device. Go to the play store and type in Load shedding app in the search bar. The following application will turn up.

While my device says update, because I already have the application installed, yours will say install. You should click on the install button and wait for it to finish.

Once it is done installing, can close the play store. Go to your menu and open the newly installed application. You will than be greeted by a setup process that looks like this.

Type in the name of your area as close as possible and you will be given your loadshedding schedule, which will look like this.

This will give you updates every time you are approaching a period of loadshedding, so that you can properly prepare for it. If you turn them on, it will also give you updates from the Eskom Social media pages.

Loadshedding is never fun for anyone, but having advanced knowledge of it can save you a lot of dissapoitment. So Share this information to help your family and friends better prepare and share your own loadshedding tips down in the comments section. Hit the Follow for more lifestyle news as it it happens.

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