Check out 10 trending Nigerian Slangs in 2021 and their meanings.

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The Nigerian entertainment industry, particularly the music industry, has contributed a lot to the lexicon, slangy expressions and unique Nigerian memes that we have today.

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Listed below are trending Nigerian slang, their origin and meaning;

E Choke

This slang was introduced by a famous Nigerian singer, Davido. It is used in the street to describe something overwhelming or very impressive.

E Restrict Airflow

Unlike the slang above, this one was popularised by Wizkid. It is a follow-up response to "E Choke" on the streets. Both slang have the same literal and contextual meaning.

Tule Jor

Davido popularised this slang on social media in the aftermath of his rift with Burnaboy in Ghana. The singer also promised to give a sum of #2M to whoever wins the Tule challenge.

Tule is a Yoruba word which means "Free me or leave me". The slang is used to tell people to drop a conversation.


This slang is originally a Yoruba word which means "to run away" from a precarious situation. It is mostly used by Nigerians to describe emigration from Nigeria.

Ma Fo

This slang has been sustained till date from a popular song released by Naira Marley years ago. It literally means "don't break". It is used to tell people not to be afraid or bothered about a situation.

Who dey Breeett?

This is a pidgin English expression which simply means "who is breathing". This is also another slang that was coined by Davido.

It is used to query why people keep talking after witnessing what has been shown to them.

E shock you?

This slang was invented by comedian Broda Shaggy. It is a rhetorical question to show that an event surprised another person. It is a follow-up question to an expression of shock by the listener.

Inside Life

This is an exclamatory expression to show that what happened is the true reality of life. Singer Naira Marley used it very well in one of his songs.

We Meuve

This means that life continues in spite of the challenges of the moment. It is used to encourage people to move on with their life.

O Por

This expression simply means "It is plenty." It is used to hype a situation or an achievement of a person. It is popularized by singer Zlatan.

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