They Will Break The 1000 rather than The 8; NPP Party Supporters Angry After IMF Saga

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A lot of Ghanaians are already Angry with the NPP government and to which there have been street questions which have brought a whole scene about the NPP government.

Speaking with one of the party supporters, she stated that " That slogan of breaking the 8 really pisses me off. What 8 are they breaking. ? They will break 1000. Just look at how I'm suffering. I'm not alone. There are many people suffering like me" The angry NPP supporter angrily said in the interview. " If I Have my way, I'll go and remove my votes from the 2020 elections. I would have removed all my votes including that of all my family members" The angry supporter added.

The street questions were held in the market to which a lot of market women shared their disappointment in the NPP government as they didn't expect this from them. Interestingly when she was asked if she will vote for John Mahama in 2020, the woman had this to say: None of them is better, and this time I won't even waste my time to go and vote she emphatically stated.

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