Condolences pour for Millicent Mashile's family after the passing of their member

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Millicent's devastated mashile. Actress and Youtuber Millicent Mashile lament her baby's demise.

She used to broadcast the sad news on her social media sites. "We're sad & broken, how are we saying farewell to you. How? We fight. We fight. "Your first granddaughter you promised to meet," she wrote.

She was really sorry that Millicent stated she suffered a much from her mother. She stated she kept up with her most difficult periods since she didn't want them to pain.

"I could not have been preparing anything for your loss... Your maternal love I've seen and felt. Thank you for receiving me 11 years ago, as a daughter in love, not as a lawyer, you brought me into your house. I have always told you and the boys what love is between a grandmother and grand children."

The actress ended her long contact by wishing a dieu to her mother-in-law. She claimed that she'll say how much she's been struggling to meet her daughter.

"The children are enamored with you. I don't know yet how even you're gone to tell them. I just look at them and get weak. Go well, Mommy, beyond the grave we're going to love you.

We already miss you. I'll say how much you battled to meet your granddaughter, but I know that everytime you stroke my belly she felt love." I know.

A few weeks earlier Millicente told God that she was blessed with her pregnancy, "God put on my face six months ago with a tremendous smile. We are glad to announce that we are looking forward to our third package. To God be the glory," she added, "I feel very blessed.

When she talked about her sex, she said that she expected no gender. "I did not really generate any expectations, honestly," she remarked. Because I wanted to be true at that moment. I wanted to be equally thrilled, whether it's a boy or a girl, because a baby is a blessing.

Her twin sister also complimented her for making her gender special, "I liked my gender revelation. My day was pleasant. It feels like I just discovered actually that I am pregnant. It was created so special by my sister.


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