VERY SAD: Lady Slaps Her Boyfriend In Public Because Of This Reason - Read Full Details


It looks so sad and annoying when you see how a lady maltreated her boyfriend in public just because she thought he was cheating on her. She doesn't even have any evidence to show that the boy is cheating but just slapped him in public.

In a video sighted on Twitter this afternoon, a beautiful lady in a trouser and a black top just descended on her boyfriend in a public mainly because she thought the boy was cheating on her. She slapped the boy very hard on his right side on the face. There are alot of people over there but this lady doesn't have pity for the boy, she Disgraced him very well infront of his friends over there. Where the incident happened was a carten so there are many people over there.

The lady therefore go ahead and removed the guys slippers and ordered him to remove the belt because she was the one who bought it for him and the guy did as requested. So the lady collected the slippers and the belt from the guy.

They guy was captured so sorrowful and confused as he walked away gentle from the crowd.

Even if it is true that the guy was cheating, is that the right way the lady have to reacts?